Chanthyra “TINMAN” Math is an “Artist” in every sense of the word. Originally a Popper from the West Coast, he became tired of hearing the same beats played over and over again at jams, clubs, cyphers, and street events. Determined and inspired to hear something new, he began to make his own beats to feed that hunger. What started off as a hobby quickly escalated into a passion. Now, he is known for his popping beats which can be heard worldwide at the biggest jams and in videos with some of the biggest named street dancers in both the freestyle and choreography world.

He’s the resident DJ for The Feel Good Collective, L.A Funky Soul and Back2Basics(SD) and has spun for various jams such as the K.O.D, Truth of Popping, Kings War, and Claim to Fame just to name a few. His original sounds are inspired by the 80’s, G-Funk, and Michael Jackson; he strives to produce great music that captures the body and the soul.

“I’m about loving all music. Whether it is Jazz, Funk, Country, International, Folk, K-POP, J-POP you name it. I love it all. Wherever and whenever I can find inspiration and feeling, I’m back in the lab to create something new. LOVE”